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What Our Customers are Saying

“I love eating kway teow but I hate it when it breaks into tiny pieces after I’ve thawed it. But now with the Kang Kang noodles, I do not need to chill it and the kway teow wouldn’t break into tiny pieces anymore! I can enjoy a nice kway teow meal anytime anywhere now!”


“I seldom cook as I find it very inconveniently and I have no time for it. But ever since I tried Kang Kang noodles, I fell in love with cooking! Kang Kang noodle is really simple to cook and it is always fresh no matter when I buy it from the supermarket. I love to use Kang Kang noodles!”


“I love to use Kang Kang noodles as it is fresh and tasty, and importantly I can buy it conveniently from any supermarkets! I need not go to the wet market for fresh noodles and I need not worry that the noodles will spoil after a day or two, as Kang Kang noodle can last for 2-3 weeks!”


“Kang Kang noodles is my preferred brand as it is preservative free and needs no refrigeration! Now I can easily whip up my favourite dish in minutes with Kang Kang noodles as it is springy and it taste really good.”