Kang Kang pasteurised noodles redefines the storage and consumption of fresh wheat and rice-based noodles
Happy-go-lucky and cheerful at heart, Kang Kang enjoys sharing goodness in life with people all around. Be it delicious good food or fun times with loved ones, Kang Kang never fails to enliven every occasion with endless joy and laughter.

With tasty and quality noodles, Kang Kang takes delight in bringing its essence of caring and sharing with everyone around, igniting a smile on every face he meets.

Fronting our house noodle brand in major supermarkets, Kang Kang's range of products provides an array of noodle variety that caters to different palates. Manufactured and marketed by TSK, Kang Kang reaches out to health conscious consumers seeking quality and tasty food choices.