Our Core Competencies

Key factors of success

Our Competitive Edge

With a comprehensive facility set-up to meet the principles of Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP), we are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that optimises production while minimising marginal cost, naturally transferring these savings to local and overseas buyers.

Adopting a hollstic approach in our production processes, every stage is closely controlled and monitored for quality assurance and stringent hygiene standards. From the selection of raw materials to its manufacturing stages, our complete production cycle goes through paramount quality assessment with cutting- edge technology, our equipment and machinery paved the way for more efficient food processing control and enhanced packaging techniques.

The Local Market

For local retail markets, the extended shelf life of the fresh noodle products distributed in ambient conditions (requiring no refrigeration) seek to maintain the authentic recipes and texture of each product. Compared to chilled noodles, pasteurised Kang Kang fresh noodles are kept fresh and easier to handle while preparing your favourite local dish. With extensive facilities and resources, we leverage on our manufacturing capabilities to distribute wholesale noodle products customised and supplied to the individual needs of the local market.

International Markets

Moving beyond local shores, we also provide services as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) internationally, expanding our portfolio into the global markets. Employing a multi-hurdle manufacturing approach with maximum control over the processing stages, our shelf stable products are packaged in a high-barrier material. The low bacteria permissible rate of packaging keeps products fresh and safe for consumption over a longer period of time, whilst maintaining the original flavour and texture of our fresh noodle products. With this, we ensure that every product is of quality and true taste ideal for the international markets.