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      At TSK we listen to our customers and our customer have been telling us that KangKang products are hard to find in store at supermarkets. Our biggest fulfillment comes from sharing, so let us share some information that will help you find our KangKang products on your next shopping visit.

      KangKang products contain fresh noodles and paste, they can be found near dry goods, usually around the fresh fruits and vegetables section or near the chiller. Be sure to be on the lookout for our KangKang monkey during your next shopping visit, you may be pleasantly surpised where you find him!

      Stocked in major and independent stores nationwide

      Cold Storage


      Giant Hypermarket

      Sheng Siong

      Prime Supermarket

      U Stars

      Ang Mo


      Here’s what some of our happy customers have to say……

      I like Kang Kang Noodles as it is very springy and tasty. I find the thickness of the noodles appropriate as I dislike noodles that are too thick or too thin. I usually cook fried mee goreng with the hokkien noodles for my family and they enjoy it a lot as Kang Kang’s noodles are not oily. I also use Kang Kang’s chili to make sambal chili to go with the noodles!


      I regularly buy Kang Kang’s Ipoh Hor Fun and Laksa noodles to cook for my families and friends. As it requires no refrigeration, I need not worry about broken pieces of hor fun or laksa after thawing from the fridge! I love how the noodles can be easily cook as they are soft and fresh. It only takes me minutes to whip up a delicious noodles meal!

      Sou Ho

      I usually buy kang kang’s laksa noodles as it is soft and it taste good! It is also conveniently located at the various supermarkets which makes my grocery shopping a breeze! I can easily cook my favourite noodle dishes with the variety of noodle choices anytime, everyday!


      My grandchildren absolutely love Kang Kang Noodles! They often bug me to purchase it for them. The noodles can be easily cook in various ways, be it frying, boiling or even baking! I enjoy cooking fish soup noodles with laksa for my family as it is both healthy and delicious. The Laksa noodles are very smooth and springy and the best part is that I don’t even need to refrigerate it!

      Yeok Kian

      Our noodles are nationally recognised for their health benefits

      ISO 22000 certified






      Higher in Wholegrains