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Give your customers the best, most delicious noodles available

In Singapore, we’re famous for our noodles. At TSK, we’ve been making traditional noodles full of fantastic flavour and healthy, natural ingredients for years, and that’s why every day thousands of people choose them to share at home.

Now, we’re offering our noodles to professional kitchens, so people can enjoy the TSK noodles they love when they’re eating out too.

We have every noodle you need

Wholegrain Fresh Noodles

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  • Wholegrain Hokkien Noodles
  • Wholegrain Kway Teow
  • Wholegrain Bee Tai Mak
  • Wholegrain Chewy Ramen
  • Wholegrain Laksa

Complementary Food Products

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  • Bean Products
  • Bean sprouts
  • Tau pok
  • Tau pok cube
  • Tau kee
  • Tau kua
  • Tau hoo
  • Raw Noodles
  • Bee hoon
  • Mee Pok
  • Mee Khia
  • Yee mee (Ee fu noodles)
  • San mein
  • Bai mein
  • Wanton mee pok (fresh egg noodles)
  • Wanton mee khia (fresh egg noodles)
  • Wanton Skin
  • Dumpling Skin
  • Paste
  • Curry mee paste
  • Prawn mee soup paste
  • Laksa paste
  • Chilli paste

Fresh Noodles

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  • Wheat-based
  • Hokkien Noodles
  • Hokkien Flat Noodles
  • Rice-based
  • Kway Teow
  • Ipoh Hor Fun
  • Hor Fun
  • Kway Chap
  • Bee Tai Mak
  • Laksa Noodles


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1.5kg Convipack (10 X 150g packs)
3kg Convipack (20 X 150g packs)

Packaging of 1.5kg noodles into 10 packets of 150g in tempered proof packaging for quality & the convenience of restuarant chains

  • Cost Saving
  • Reduce eastage by 22%
  • Increase in productivity
  • Focus on core processes
  • Quality
  • Ensure Food Safety
  • Recipe Standardisation
  • Ensure Freshness
  • Functional
  • No washing/parboiling required
  • No refrigeratin needed
  • No added preservatives
  • Easy to tear
  • Easy Storage
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The perfect noodles for your business

There are lots of reason why our wholesale clients trust TSK to deliver the noodles their business relies on:

  • Our noodles come freshly packed, and are completely free of preservatives

  • We are a one stop service for all enquiries, ordering and expertise

  • Fast preparation – from ‘pack to pot to plate’ in 5 minutes, no pre-washing or soaking required

  • Save on refrigeration costs and space, while still offering a fresh noodle product

  • Low alkaline Wheat noodles for a delicious taste

  • Halal whole plant certified for peace of mind

We supply to all the places people love to eat

Whether you run a small takeaway store or a huge restaurant chain, we want to understand how we can help your business. Here’s how our supply works:

Our friendly staff will come to you at your shop, office or restaurant free of charge so we can see how you do business and learn how we can meet your noodle needs

Then we’ll follow up to make sure you’re happy and provide a comprehensive quotation

Our friendly staff will come to you at your shop, office or restaurant free of charge so we can see how you do business and learn how we can meet your noodle needs

When you are ready to order, we’ll help put in place a supply arrangement that works best for your business

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Awards and Recognition

Buy from Singapore’s leading noodle manufacturer

At TSK, we have a Commitment to Excellence that drives us to build lasting relationships, to constantly innovate, and to always deliver premium quality products.

That's why we’re Singapore’s most loved noodle brand, and it’s what has kept us in business for over 70 years. If you love serving noodles to your customers, you’ll love working with us too.

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Our customers love our fresh, delicious noodles

Yeok Kian

“My grandchildren absolutely love Kang Kang Noodles! They often bug me to purchase it for them. The noodles can be easily cook in various ways, be it frying, boiling or even baking! I enjoy cooking fish soup noodles with laksa for my family as it is both healthy and delicious. The Laksa noodles are very smooth and springy and the best part is that I don’t even need to refrigerate it!”


“I usually buy kang kang’s laksa noodles as it is soft and it taste good! It is also conveniently located at the various supermarkets which makes my grocery shopping a breeze! I can easily cook my favourite noodle dishes with the variety of noodle choices anytime, everyday!”

Sou Ho

“I regularly buy Kang Kang’s Ipoh Hor Fun and Laksa noodles to cook for my families and friends. As it requires no refrigeration, I need not worry about broken pieces of hor fun or laksa after thawing from the fridge! I love how the noodles can be easily cook as they are soft and fresh. It only takes me minutes to whip up a delicious noodles meal!”


“I like Kang Kang Noodles as it is very springy and tasty. I find the thickness of the noodles appropriate as I dislike noodles that are too thick or too thin. I usually cook fried mee goreng with the hokkien noodles for my family and they enjoy it a lot as Kang Kang’s noodles are not oily. I also use Kang Kang’s chili to make sambal chili to go with the noodles!”

Get Singapore’s favourite home noodles for your business today

We’d love to share our noodles with your customers. To request a free brochure, simply leave your details below and one of our friendly staff will get in touch with you soon.

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