Hokkien Flat Noodles – Kang Kang Noodles

An essential ingredient of most Asian cuisines, Hokkien Flat Noodles are fresh, slightly chewy, and have a yellow colour. Think of Hokkien Flat Noodles like rolled out yellow spaghetti; they consist of flour, water, oil and salt.

Recipes featuring Hokkien Flat Noodles are now used all over the world, but primarily they originated from Malaysian, Singaporean and Chinese cuisines. Common in stir fries and thick, starchy gravy (Lor Mee), these rich noodles are the perfect complement to a meat broths and vegetables.

Any dish that calls for Hokkien Mee can be substituted for Hokkien Flat Noodles and vice versa, depending on which you prefer.

Kang Kang Noodles

All natural and preservative free, Kang Kang Noodles are synonymous with Singapore food. Our noodles are prepared to the highest quality, and always feature a delicious flavour. As no refrigeration is necessary for our fresh noodle range, they’re easy to store and can be transported without risk of spoiling.

We also now provide our noodles in Wholegrain form, making them a healthier alternative for Singaporeans. Read about the benefits of wholegrains here.

Kang Kang Noodles can be found in all major Singaporean supermarkets – but remember, they’ll be in the Fresh Food section and not the refrigerated section!

Eat up

There are many delicious recipes that use Hokkien Flat Noodles, and best of all there’s great variety of recipes available. So no matter what your preference – meat or vegetarian, spicy or mild – there’s a recipe for you. Create Chef Eric Teo’s Stir Fry Hokkien Flat Noodles with Tangy Sauce or the Braised Hokkien Flat Noodles with Preserved Vegetables and Pork. Of course, this can be made as a vegetarian meal or with another meat as a substitute for pork.

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Hokkien Flat Noodles are perfect for any meal, whether it’s all for you or if you’re preparing a meal for the whole family. Discover where to buy Kang Kang Noodles through our easy store locator here.

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