Kway Teow

The star of Cantonese stir-fries and Singaporean hawker dishes, Kway Teow is also known as flat rice noodles. Kway Teow literally means ricecake strips, which is exactly what they are – strips of noodles made from rice flour. Generally, Kway Teow is sold in folded oiled sheets so you can slice them according to the width you need. Alternatively, you can purchase them pre-cut, like the Kang Kang Noodles version.

Kway Teow is believed to have originated in the town of Shahe in the city of Guangzhou. This noodle is typically used in southern Chinese cuisine however other Southeast Asian nations such as Singapore have adopted the noodle into their own style of cooking.

The most popular dish using Kway Teow in Singapore is the local hawker Char Kway Teow. High in saturated fat, the dish was in the past most popular with labourers as it was low cost and a cheap source of energy and nutrients. Nowadays it’s a popular choice for all people of Singapore.

Kang Kang Noodles

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For storing needs, Kang Kang Noodles do not need to be refrigerated (even though they’re fresh!) and have a shelf-life of 3-4 weeks, depending on your local outlets availability.

You can find Kang Kang Noodles in the Fresh Food section (not refrigerated section) of your local major supermarket.

Eat up

Aside from the tradition Char Kway Teow, there are many delicious recipes that use this type of noodles, including a number from our partner Chef Eric Teo. Try his Beef Kway Teow Soup or his Kimchi Kway Teow for a delectable take on the Korean dish.

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Kway Teow from Kang Kang Noodles are the perfect addition to any South-East Asian recipe, no matter whether it’s cold or hot, vegetarian or meat-based. Discover where to buy Kang Kang Noodles through our easy store locator here.

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