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Otherwise known as ‘rice pin noodles’, Bee Tai Mak is made of rice flour and most commonly used in stir fries. The name ‘rice pin noodles’ comes from the noodle’s shape – it look similar to round short pins. In Singapore, Bee Tai Mak is also known as the rat noodle. Again, this name comes from its shape as it’s long and tapered, similar to a rat’s tail.

Bee Tai Mak is made by combining rice flour and water. This mixture is then pushed through a sieve directly into boiling water. Because it can be quite tedious to make, Kang Kang Noodles have done the hard work for you – meaning you can have fresh, preservative-free Bee Tai Mak Noodles with every meal if you want!

What’s great about Bee Tai Mak is it’s so versatile that it can be served in dishes for any meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner. It can also be used as part of the main dish or as a side.

Kang Kang Noodles

All natural and preservative free, Kang Kang Noodles have reinvented the fresh noodle. Due to our revolutionary pasteurisation process our noodles are safe to eat without refrigeration, pre-boiling or even rinsing the noodles!

We’re also committed to a healthier Singapore, which is why our range of products are now also available in Wholegrain. Wholegrains are known to help prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, and has a range of vitamins and nutrients that can help your health. Read more about the benefits of wholegrains here.

Eat up

There are many delicious recipes that use Bee Tai Mak noodles – in fact, you can find some on our website! We’ve partnered with Chef Eric Teo for delicious Kang Kang Noodle recipes, including Chef Eric Teo’s Stir Fry Rengang Bee Tai Mak or his Braised Bee Tai Mak with Char Siew.

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Bee Tai Mak is great for any occasion, from family dinners on a weeknight to having friends over for some fun. Discover where to buy Kang Kang Noodles through our easy store locator here.

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